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AdWork Media is a global CPA affiliate network

AdWork Media is a global CPA affiliate network which provides multiple monetization solutions to website owners, content publishers, games and apps developers etc.

AdWork Media is just not an ordinary affiliate network where you get only direct offers to promote. Instead, it is an affiliate network which offers multiple solutions to monetize your premium content.
In addition to direct offers, it offers various locking tools that you can use to monetize your links, content, downloadable files etc. If you are new to locking service/gateway service, so, let me explain you in brief.
Suppose, you have some premium downloadable file that you don’t want to give for free to your visitors. Then, you can lock it with their locking tools. So, whenever a visitor try to download your file then he/she will be shown some simple offers to complete before he/she can access the file to download.
If your visitor successfully completes an offer then he/she will be allowed access to your premium downloadable file. In this way you can monetize your any kind of premium content

whether it is a link, content or file.
Their locking service is not limited to links, files or content. Instead, you can use their product locking tool. They are the one who introduced the concept of product locking. You can find more details about this great service on their website.
Apart from the premium services, tools and top converting offers, AdWork Media also provides a great support to its users. They allocate account managers to each and every publisher account so that affiliates can easily and quickly get the answers of all of their queries. They provide great support via email and Skype.

Requirements And Restrictions:
No minimum traffic required.
Publisher’s website must be content based and not just a collection of links or advertisements.
Your website must be in good order, look professional and should be fully functional.
Publisher’s website must not link to or promote sexual material, profanity, hate material, violence, discrimination etc.
Publisher’s website must not be affiliated with software piracy, malware, spyware, adware, malicious software or services, and should not be linked in any other illegal activity.

Sign Up And Approval:
AdWork Media offers a simple sign up and approval process to affiliates. Its sign up process is pretty conventional, where you need to fill up a simple registration form and submit it. However, their sign up form is little lengthy and asks various questions regarding your personal info and promotional strategies.
Their registration form asks various details from publishers like name, email, password, address, other contact info including messenger Id’s and phone number, your promotion methods, how you find them, your websites etc.
The approval process on AdWork Media is quick and easy. If you have filled their sign up form properly then most likely you will get approval from them. Usually, they review affiliates applications within 24 hours of submission. However, in my case they reviewed and approved my application within 30 minutes of submission.

Ad Formats:
Since AdWork Media is an affiliate network so it offers affiliate links, offer walls and rotating banners to affiliates. You can use their locking tools to lock your premium content and show their offers to your visitors. They have specialization in locking service, so, you will get all sort of tools and high quality offers for it.
Stats Reporting System:
AdWork Media offers a good stats reporting system which updates in every 1 hour. Their stats reporting system shows various details like campaigns, clicks, leads, payouts, total earnings, CR and EPC etc.
Their reporting system also offers various filters like Country reports, Hourly Reports, Sub Id Reports, Gateway Reports, Product Locker Reports etc.
It also offers stats based on specific time duration like today, yesterday report, past 7 days, monthly, yearly and specific date to date reports.

Minimum Payout:
The minimum payout on AdWork Media is neither very high nor very low, it is in between. However, if we compare its minimum payout limit to some other top affiliate networks then you will find is pretty low.
The minimum payout limit is only 35$.
Payment Frequency:
The Payment Frequency on AdWork Media depends on the publisher’s performance. Typically for all publishers they pay on Net 30 terms but if your earnings are more than 500$ then you can request payments on Net 15 terms.
Moreover, if you earn 3000$ or more then you become eligible for Net7 payment terms.
Payment Options:
AdWork Media offers lots of payment options to its publishers, which are Payoneer, PayPal, Check, ACH Direct Deposite (US only), Payza, Western Union, Local Bank Transfers and Wire Transfer for international publishers.
Moreover, you can select the currency in which you want to be paid.
Referral Program:
AdWork Media offers a 3% referral commission program for lifetime.
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